The Xyclone-S is a sleek portable device perfect for desk and table top. Can filter most size rooms using ultraviolet C band sterilization, and ionizer ozone generator for double sterilization


  • Photocatalysis Technology
  • Our Unique filtration deactivates pollutants, particulars, germs and bacteria To purify the air we breath
  • Ultraviolet + ozone Double Sterilization
  • With no Place to hide with our Air Funnel Technology
  • Create eight new
    “Pure Bounds!”
  • 1. PM2.5 2. Formal dehyde
    3. Xylene 4. Ammonia Gas
    5. Smoke 6. Benzene
    7. VOC 8. Bacteria


Power 35W

Input Voltage ac 110/220v    50-60hZ

Application ≤30m²

Air Purifier Speed 330m³/h

Anion Quantity 2×106 ions/cm³

Ozone output 50mg/h

UV wave length 185nm+254nm

Air output maximum speed 108m³/h
minimum speed 60m³/h

Material ABS + metel

Product size H402xL295.5xW295.5mm

FunctionUV sterilize + anion purifier
+ Ozone get rid of smell
• No consumable photocatalyst filter
• Automatic air quality sensor detection
• smart timer