The UR4 is DisNfeks strongest and most state of the art technology. With its to retractable arms and four powerful lights its sure clean and keep all rooms viruses and bacteria free.


  • Powerful UV-C light Kills 99.99% of allergens, bacteria, and viruses like Covid19 and reprograming survivors unable to reproduce
  • Articulating arm has 2 lamps on each side (maximum area of effect)
  • Automatic 10 second start delay
  • Comes with safety cone with flashing lights to notify personnel (safety)
  • Four 150W U shaped tube lights
  • Lamps hours effectiveness is up to 2000 hours
  • Made of High-Quality Stainless Steel(max reflectivity for hard to reach areas)


Power 150W

Input Voltage 110/220VAC, 50/60Hx

Ballast Integrated Built-In Electronic Ballast

Insulation Class II

Tube Type U-Plug Tube x 4

Lamp Holder Type G10q

Tube Size 32 inches

Ozone Ozone Free , release content < 0.8g

Color Temperature Ultraviolet

Wavelength (nm) Ozone Free 253.7nm
Ozone 253.7nm/185nm

Ultraviolet Radiation Illuminance (nmW/cm2) at 1m  342

Beam Angle 180°

Shell Material Stainless Steel

Protection Class IP20

Delay Switching Time 15 sec

Lamps/Lanterns Insurance 1yr

Package Size 42 x 15 x 14.5 / 25lbs

Package Includes UR4 unit, 2 safety cones, protective

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