Economical & Simple to use. The UR1 Reprograming and killing 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and other airborne impurities within 120 sq ft with ozone.


  • Economical & Simple to use
  • 150 watts UVC power can cover up to (380 sq. ft) with Ozone effect.
  • Disinfects up to 120 sq ft with ozone
  • 15 seconds exit delay gives you ample time to leave the area before lamp activities.
  • Remote Control allows you to activate the UR.1 from a safe distance for convenience and safety.


Power 150W

Input Voltage 110/220VAC, 50/60Hx

Ballast Integrated Built-In Electronic Ballast

Insulation Class II

Tube Type U-Plug Tube

Lamp Holder Type G10q

Tube Size 32 inches

Ozone Ozone Free , release content < 0.8g

Wavelength (nm) Ozone Free 253.7nm
Ozone 253.7nm/185nm

Ultraviolet Radiation Illuminance (nmW/cm2) at 1m 171

Color Temperature Ultraviolet

Beam Angle 360°

Shell Material Aluminum Alloy

Protection Class IP20

Remote Function3 Time Options:
15min/ 30min/ 60 min

Delay Switching Time 15 sec

Lamps/Lanterns Insurance 1yr

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