The UR1 is DisNfeks strongest and most state of the art technology. With its to retractable arms and four powerful lights its sure clean and keep all rooms viruses and bacteria free. 


  • Economical & Simple to use
  • 150 watts UVC power can cover up to (380 sq. ft) with Ozone effect.
  • 15 seconds exit delay gives you ample time to leave the area before lamp activities.
  • Remote Control allows you to activate the UR.1 from a safe distance for convenience and safety.


Power 150W

Input Voltage 110/220VAC, 50/60Hx

Ballast Integrated Built-In Electronic Ballast

Insulation Class II

Tube Type U-Plug Tube

Lamp Holder Type G10q

Tube Size 32 inches

Ozone Ozone Free , release content < 0.8g

Wavelength (nm) Ozone Free 253.7nm
Ozone 253.7nm/185nm

Ultraviolet Radiation Illuminance (nmW/cm2) at 1m 171

Color Temperature Ultraviolet

Beam Angle 360°

Shell Material Aluminum Alloy

Protection Class IP20

Remote Function3 Time Options:
15min/ 30min/ 60 min

Delay Switching Time 15 sec

Lamps/Lanterns Insurance 1yr

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