The PTUV-1 is our sleek portable device perfect for desk and tabletop. Small and compact yet packs a big punch reprogramming and killing 99.99% off viruses, bacteria, allergens and other environmental contaminants.


  • Disinfects for up to 100 sq ft
  • High purity quartz tube strong UV penetration, maximum sterilization effect and long life.
  • 15 Secs Exit Delay
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Portable Table-top UVC Disinfection Unit
  • Precision aluminum alloy frame to prevent oxidation and fading.
  • Safety body detection


Power 40W

Input Voltage 110V/ 60Hz

Power >0.7-0.8

Ballast Integrated built-in electronic ballast

Insulation Class II

Tube Type U-Plug Tube

Lamp Holder Type 2G11

Tube Size 400mm±2.5mmx40mm

Ozone Ozone Free , release content < 0.24g
(kW.h)/ozone, Release content <0.5g

Color Temperature Ultraviolet

Wavelength (nm) Ozone Free 253.7nm
Ozone 253.7nm/185nm

Ultraviolet Radiation Illuminance (nmW/cm2) at 1m  180

Beam Angle 360°

Shell Material Flame retardant PVC &
aluminum alloy post

Protection Class IP20

Remote Function Power & Three time functions

Delay Switching Time 20 sec

Lamps/Lanterns Insurance 2yr

Body Induction 3-5 meters, 2.4g signal
microwave radar induction

Package Includes UR4 unit, 2 safety cones,
protective goggles