Temp+ has an 8” Display with infrared thermal sensor and facial recognition. Allowing you and others to remain safe and notifying  staff of potential dangers. Optional reporting function available to allow you to manage time and attendance


  • Non- Contact, Fast Facial Temperature measurements Screen within seconds leaving no congestion at entrance.
  • Face Recognition manage your employees time and attendance
  • 8” Stand Alone Display allows you to maintain distance keeping yourself and staff safe during the screening process
  • Automatic Notification Receive instant Email notifications when an elevated temperature is recorded


Screen Size 12

Camera • Resolution ratio: 200w pixel
• Type: Double wide dynamic camera
• Aperture: F2.4
• Focal Length: 50-60 inches
• White Balance: Automatic
• Filling Light: LED and infrared double fill lights

(Optional support RK3399 6 cores, MSM8953)

Resolution 1280 x 800

Operating System Android 5.1

Interface • Network Module: Support wired, wireless
• USB Interface: 1 OTG interface,1 USB host
• standard port A
• Audio:Support 2.5w /4R speakers
• SCI: 1 RS232
• Relay Output: 1 Open door signal output
• Wiegand Interface: Support Wiegand
26/34 input / output
• Upgrade button: Support Uboot upgrade button

Screen Size 12

Function • Face Detection: Support detecting & tracking multi people at the same time
• Face database: 10,000 records
• 1:1 Face Recognition
• 1:1 Face Compare
• Stranger detection
• Recognize Distance
• UI Interface configuration
• Remote upgrade
• Device interface: Interfaces include
device management, people/photo management, record query, etc

Infrared Thermal

Imaging Module • Human body temperature detection
• Temperature detection distance: 1 yard (Optimum distance 2 feet)
• Accurate to:  ± 0.54°F
• Temperature Range: 77~113°F
• Thermal imaging field of view: 32 X 32°
• Over temperature alarm
(Temperature alarm value can be set)



General Parameters• Protection Level: IP65, certain dust proof and waterproof function
• Power Supply: DC12V(±10%)
• Operating Temperature: 32°~140° F
• Storage Temperature: -68°~140° F
• Power Consumption: 13.5W (Max)
• Device Size: Standard: 106 x 50 x 8.5inch)
Version: 11.5 x 5.25 x 1 inch
• Weight: Standard: 2.2 lbs
• Device interface: Interfaces include
device management, people/photo management, record query, etc
• Deployment way: Support public cloud deployment, private deployment, LAN use, single use

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