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Protect your patients and your loved ones utilizing proven Ultraviolet-C technology with UR.2 Machine.

A. Remote Control
B. Folding Arm
C. 4 wheels for ease of transport
D. Light weight less than 15 lbs.

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1800 adjustable lamp holder under the circumstance that the workspace design

Full range sterilization authorized testing organization certification

The Sterilization rate is 99.9%. The mite killing rate can reach 100%.

Wide disinfection range quick effect no residue. The applicable scenes of disinfection lamp are:

Hospital pet shop hotel restaurant beauty salon school and public places.

1500 U shaped design select quality lamp tube, 150W U shaped tube design, larger power usage area.

High quality metal material, smooth design, be gentle to hands, and convenient to use.

Open the guard door, take out the support arm, and slowly lift to desired and the staff leave the scene.

Turn on the power, and flip the switch, the sterilizing lamp is in operation, and the staff leave the scene.

According to the need to set disinfection time, clockwise open the timer set, the timer has a regular opening and timing function, and can be set arbitrarily within 20-120 min. The timer will cut off the power automatically after the completion of the work. It is strictly prohibited to use in the opposite direction.

When the timer is finished, the timer will automatically shut off the lamp.