PTUV1 (Portable Table-top UVC Disinfection Unit) 40 watts

UV Germicidal SMALL FORM

  • Quartz Tube
  • Long Service Life
  • Upgrade Anticreep
  • Delayed Startup
  • Human Body Design
  • Wireless Remote Control
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15 Secs Exit Delay

The moment you set the timer whether 15, 30, 45 minutes it will sound off an alert giving you up to 15 seconds to exit the area.

Body Detection Induction

This product is designed with body detection, during use if it detects the presence of people or animals. Upon detection, the device will turn-off a sound off an alert and will count down up to 15 seconds or untill the area has been cleared.

(Note: This product can only detect people, dogs and most large animals. Small pets or animals cannot be detected.)

UVC Disinfection to rid of mites for a Good Sleep

Thousands of mites are found in a seemingly clean bed that is illuminated and killed by Ultraviolet Germicidal lamps. The disinfected bedding is cleared of foul smell and smells like sunshine.

High Purity Quartz Tube

High purity quartz tube strong UV penetration, maximum sterilization effect and long life.

Aluminum alloy Frame

Precision aluminum alloy frame to prevent oxidation and fading.

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