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EXUV 1000 588 cubic meter (base model), EXUV 2000 1176 cubic meter, EXUV 3000 1765 cubic meter, EXUV 4000 2343 cubic meter

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(Trap the germs, kill the germs, clean the air)

The EXUV (models EXUV-1000 through EXUV-4000)

EXUV washable filter with built in Germicidal Ultraviolet C

It is a product line devoted to the consumer looking for a strong and effective solution to help eradicate germs, viruses, and other contaminants in the Air. (Catch the germs, Clean the air, Breathe cleaner air)

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Technological Innovation

At present traditional air conditioners lack the function to disinfect “Circulating Air” on the market, and along with improving living standards, people have greater expectations for (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality. With the advancements in technologies which exacerbates pollution there is no better time for a product to address these unique challenges.

Nowadays people have to additionally purchase air disinfection equipment which becomes costly over time due to consumables that require replacement at a specific frequency. Hence a product was developed to address these two key issues of “capturing airborne particulates while neutralizing them in the process,

The EXUV can be installed in the vent of air ducts, as air flows through the EXUV device airborne particulate filtration occurs while the particulates are caught in the “washable filter” the germicidal ultraviolet c (254nm) finishes the job by deactivating the DNA and RNA of germs and microbes within.

“Trap the germs, Kill the germs, Clean the Air”

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